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Google hires to a new team to hunt for zero-day vulnerabilities

July 16, 2014

Google has a reward program for researchers who discover vulnerabilities in its web applications and other products since 2010. Other then own products were added to the program last year. Now, Google goes eve... read more

Microsoft left zero-day vulnerability of IE 8.0 unpatched since October

May 22, 2014

Security expertt Peter Van Eeckhoutte has published details on the zero-day vulnerability of Internet Explorer 8.0 allowing ... read more

There is one zero-day provider behind several cyber espionage operations

May 20, 2014

Symantec has analyzed the use of exploit kit Elderwood that focuses on using exploi... read more

Malware using Fash 0-day spreading from Syrian governmental site

April 29, 2014

Kaspersky Labs have detected a malware spreading from site established by Syrian Ministry of Justice.... read more

Zero-day vulnerability of Microsoft Word being used for targeted attacks

March 25, 2014

Microsoft has warned that Microsoft Word suffers from a zero-day vulnerability that has already been used for targeted attacks. The attacker utili... read more

Cyber espionage campaigns using zero-day exploits

February 24, 2014

FireEye has discovered two cyber espionage campaigns using zero-day exploits of Flash player and Internet Explorer. The first one, named read more