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Other companies affected by the hacks of Target, Adobe

March 18, 2014

Brian Krebs has published details on the attack on another company whose cusomers' credit cards were sold by the same server as those stolen from Target. Sally Beauty cosmetics retail chain has admitted that up to 25,000 consumers' credit... read more

Hackers breached to Target using vendor’s credentials

January 31, 2014

Target has confirmed the a password of a software vendor was used to breach its system to ste... read more

More details on Target attack – identity of malware programmer and attempts to smuggle cloned credit cards to USA

January 22, 2014

Russian site LifeNews.ru has published an interview with Rinat Shabayev a 23-year old Russian programmer who is believed to be one of the authors of malware BlackPOS used during the attack on American shop chain Target. Shabayev claims that he has not created the progra... read more

Details of the malware used in the Target attack

January 16, 2014

Brian Krebs has published details on the malware that was used to infect point-of-sale terminals during theread more

Personal data leaked during the Target breach as well

January 13, 2014

Target has acknowledged that besides the credit card data of 40 million of its customers,read more

New information on the Target breach

December 27, 2013

U.S. banks have limited the caps for payments and cash withdrawal from ATMs by some of the 40,000,000 payment cards compromised during the Target breach. This step suggests that theread more