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Syrian Electronic Army hacked IDF twitter account

July 4, 2014

Syrian Electronic Army has successfully hacked the twitter <... read more

Reuters.com hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

June 24, 2014

Syrian Electronic Army read more

IntelCrawler profiles Syrian Electronic Army

March 24, 2014

American company IntelCrawler has published a comprehensive profile of the hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army, including it's leading members. IntelCrawler also summar... read more

Syrian Electronic Army’s alleged hack of U.S. CENTCOM

March 17, 2014

The Syrian Electronic Army has announced successful hack of U.S. CENTCOM, a command of U.S. Army that covers Middle ... read more

Documents related to law-enforcement inquiries stolen from Microsoft

January 28, 2014

Microsoft has admitted that during recent phishing attacks were compromised e-mail and social media accounts of several employees.... read more

Syrian Electronic Army attacks CNN

January 24, 2014

The SEA continues in attacks against prominent social media. It has successfully h... read more

Microsoft hacked by the SEA for the third time in 2014

January 22, 2014

The Syrian Electronic Army hacktivist group continues to target Microsoft. After the hacks of blogs and Twitter accounts of Skype, read more

Syrian Electronic Army hacked 16 websites of Saudi Government

January 17, 2014

Syrian Electronic Army had successfuly hacked websites of 16 of 118 Saudi Arabian Governorates... read more

Attack of Syrian Electronic army on Microsoft social media continues

January 13, 2014

Shortly after the breach of Skype's blog and social media, the Syrian Electronic Army has hacked other social media... read more

Syrian Electronic Army hacked Skype social media

January 3, 2014

Syrian Electronic Army, a hacktivist group supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad has hacked social media accounts of Voice over IP company Skype... read more