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Android vulnerability allows apps to place and terminate calls

July 10, 2014

Security company Cure Security has discovered two vulnerabilities that allow any application to place and terminate phone calls and send SMS messages even when they do not have permissions to do so. read more

Student cracks Simplocker encryption

June 18, 2014

Student Simon Bell from University of Sussex has analyzed the crypto ransomware read more

Critical vulnerabilities in the GRX networks

June 5, 2014

Security researchers from Dutch telecom provider KPN have read more

Android phone may spy on you without any indication

May 29, 2014

University student Szymon Sidor has developed an read more

Vulnerable Outlook.com for Android

May 23, 2014

Paolo Soto from Include Security has published an article about the vuln... read more

Mobile devices are identifiable due to motion sensor imperfections

May 7, 2014

Researchers from the University of Illinois have discovered that motion sensors used in mobile phones and tablets have a unique “fingerprint“ due ... read more

Viber is transmitting files unencrypted readable to anyone

April 25, 2014

 Ibrahim Baggili and Jason Moore from University of New Haven ha... read more

Vulnerability of Android allows apps to modify icons

April 17, 2014

FireEye has demonstrated ability to create an app able to modify icons on the main screen. That for example allows an ... read more

China arrests thousands of mobile spammers

March 27, 2014

Mobile spamming is widespread in China. The spammers use fake base stations to spread spam pretending to look as messages from operators or other institutions. Chinese police has recentlyread more

Mobile cryptocurrency mining malware

March 27, 2014

Although cell phones are very ineffective for mining crypto currencies, sevral types of malware utilizing Android smartphones for mining have been found. Lookout describesread more