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Critical WordPress vulnerability allows MITM attacks

May 28, 2014

Security researcher Yan Zhu has found a critical vulnerability in the popular content management platform WordPress. The vulnerability allows ... read more

Chip and PIN card vulnerabilities

May 21, 2014

While the chip credit cards are quite widespread in Europe, the U.S. relied on older magnetic stripe cards till recent future. The hacks of POS machines and subsequent credit card frauds have however urged several U.S. institutions to swi... read more

The use of forged SSL certificates

May 14, 2014

Researchers from Carnegie-Mellon University in cooperation with Facebook have tried to determine the scope of using forged SSL... read more

MITM attack on internet banking

March 27, 2014

PhishLabs have discovered a new man-in-the-middle attack on internet banking. The malware spread through infected RTF files changes... read more

Some TOR exit relays performing man-in-the-middle attacks on users

January 24, 2014

Philipp Winter and Stefan Lindskog from Karlstad University have published a paper revealing that some of the exit relay points of the anonymizing T... read more

FBI warns against “man-in-the-e-mail“ attacks

December 4, 2013

FBI has issued warning against man-in-the-middle type attacks that affected several companies in the Washington state. Th... read more