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Chinese authorities conducting MitM attacks on Google

September 8, 2014

Although Google.com search engine is blocked in tha majority of Chinese internet, it is still accessible at the CERNET academic network for research purposes. The users of CERTNET until recentl... read more

Google starts filtering suspicious Unicode messages

August 14, 2014

Google announc... read more

Google hires to a new team to hunt for zero-day vulnerabilities

July 16, 2014

Google has a reward program for researchers who discover vulnerabilities in its web applications and other products since 2010. Other then own products were added to the program last year. Now, Google goes eve... read more

Compromised certificates issued by Indian authority

July 11, 2014

Google has informed that Indian National Informatics Centre has issued several fal... read more

Google changes system of approving app privileges

June 16, 2014

The new version of... read more

Patch Tuesday: security patches from Microsoft, Adobe, Google

June 11, 2014

As usual, big software companies have used second Tuesday in month to patch their products. Microsoft issued seven security bulletins fixing 66 vulne... read more

Chome extension will provide for end-to-end encryption

June 4, 2014

Google hasread more

New phishing campaigns aimed at Google, PayPal, Facebook

May 15, 2014

Security researchers have reported about two new phishing campaigns aimed at harvesting Google... read more

Security patches from Microsoft, Adobe, Google

May 14, 2014

Microsoft has issued patches for vulnera... read more

Another malware on Google Play Store

April 25, 2014

Lookout Security reports on five more applications found on Google Play Store that can be classified as malware. The apps provide live wallpapers ... read more