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Echelon’s existence confirmed by Snowden’s documents

August 4, 2015

Duncan Campbell who published first information about the global surveillance system in 1988 has discovered ... read more

NSA a GCHQ attacked anti-virus companies

June 23, 2015

American and British spy agencies targeted anti-virus companies to gather information about their users and products ... read more

NSA espionage against Germany

March 31, 2014

Der Spiegel has published another article based on Edward Snowden's documents. They describe a campaign... read more

GCHQ collected webcam images from millions of Yahoo users

February 28, 2014

The Guardian has published an article based on one of the documents released to them by Edward Snowden revealing that British... read more

Personal changes in spy agencies

January 31, 2014

Personal changes were announced in two spy agencies most affected by the Snowden affair. Iain Lobban, the Director of the British GCHQ announced that w... read more

Eight technological companies demand reform of surveillance system

December 10, 2013

AOL, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have sent an open letter to the U.S. Governemnt demanding reform of the surveillance system. The companies ask to limit authority of ... read more