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Gameover ZeuS botnet taken down by coordinated effort

June 3, 2014

FBI has announced that it managed in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and private companies from several countries has mana... read more

FBI has been using LulzSec to attack foreign targets

April 25, 2014

The New York Times have published article based on interviews and the sentencing statement of former LulzSec member Je... read more

FBI has notified 3000 companies about cyber attacks in 2013

April 2, 2014

Washington Post reports that FBI has notifie... read more

USA, China, India and Romania cooperate in fight against hackers

January 28, 2014

FBI has announced that it ... read more

FBI arrested 14 people for manufacturing fake cards

January 28, 2014

FBI has announced arrest of 14 individuals associated with the server fakeplastic.net that was offering fake payment card to cybe... read more

Eight technological companies demand reform of surveillance system

December 10, 2013

AOL, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have sent an open letter to the U.S. Governemnt demanding reform of the surveillance system. The companies ask to limit authority of ... read more

FBI, Europol and Microsoft attack ZeroAccess botnet

December 9, 2013

Microsoft in cooperation with FBI and Europol managed to shut down elements of ZeroAcess botnet. They have seized 49 domains as... read more

FBI warns against “man-in-the-e-mail“ attacks

December 4, 2013

FBI has issued warning against man-in-the-middle type attacks that affected several companies in the Washington state. Th... read more