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Facebook takes down Greek botnet

July 9, 2014

Facebook announced that it has taken down botnet read more

Facebook SDK vulnerability reveals user’s access token

July 7, 2014

MetaIntell has read more

New phishing campaigns aimed at Google, PayPal, Facebook

May 15, 2014

Security researchers have reported about two new phishing campaigns aimed at harvesting Google... read more

Facebook “hackers” only hacked themselves

May 4, 2014

Symantec has reported a scam campaign aimed primarily at Indian Facebook users... read more

You can abuse Facebbok to DoS any website

April 28, 2014

Author of the chr13.com blog has discovered a vulnerability of the Notes function of Facebook. It allows inserting any image in the note a... read more

Facebook closes accounts using the same credentials as those leaked during the Adobe hack

November 14, 2013

Facebook has warned users using the same login credentials (e-mail and password) at Facebook as were those leaked during the recent Adobe hack. Users are prompted to change their passwords and their accounts are unavailable ... read more