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IRS hack larger than announced

August 18, 2015

The hackers who utilized the „Get Transcript“ function of the Internal Revenue Service have gained ... read more

The largest credit card data leak yet?

September 4, 2014

Two new credit card leaks were uncovered in past few days. The non-profit Goodwill Industries a... read more

Leaked nude celebrity photos

September 1, 2014

Several Hollywood female celebrities were affected by the read more

Massive personal data leak in South Korea

August 27, 2014

A 24-year old man was read more

Large data breach in U.S. healthcare company

August 19, 2014

Company Community Health Systems (CHS) hasread more

Russian criminal gang amassed 1.2 billion credentials

August 6, 2014

Following the seven month investigation, Hold Security has published its finding on a Russian gang that was able to collect 4.5 b... read more

European Central Bank hacked

July 25, 2014

European Central bank has ... read more

Russian hacker group stole database of CNET users

July 16, 2014

Tech news site CNET has announced that a Russian hacking group W0rm has stolen database of usernames, e-mails and e... read more

Data leaks from Domino Pizza, Evernote, P.F. Chang

June 19, 2014

Data leaks as a result of hacks by unknown perpetrators have occurred recently in three more cases. The discussion forum of note sharing service Evrnote has been read more

IBM Security Services report

June 17, 2014

IBM has issued its Cyber Security Intelligence Index 2014. It covers the security situation among... read more