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Malware as a Chrome extension

September 5, 2014

 Trend Micro describes malware downloader that insta... read more

Chome extension will provide for end-to-end encryption

June 4, 2014

Google hasread more

Security patches from Microsoft, Adobe, Google

May 14, 2014

Microsoft has issued patches for vulnera... read more

Browsers updated following the Pwn2Own competition

March 19, 2014

Mozilla and Google have updated their software following the Pwn2Own competition. The contestants managed to breach both Firefox and Chrome (and other browsers). Both Mozilla and Google reacted swiftly to patch the vulnerabilities inread more

Security patches from Microsoft, Adobe, Google

March 12, 2014

Microsoft has issued critical update repairing 18 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 6 to 11 including aread more

New version of Google Chrome

December 10, 2013

Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 31.0.1650.63. The update adresses several vulnerabilities allowing attacker to spoof content of address bar or hijack web session. &nb... read more