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Kelihos botnet luring victims by appealing to patriotism

August 26, 2014

The creators of the Kelihos botnet have came with a novel read more

Botnet uses brute force to break into POS systems

July 11, 2014

FireEye has described a new botnet called Br... read more

Facebook takes down Greek botnet

July 9, 2014

Facebook announced that it has taken down botnet read more

How much can you earn by operating botnet

July 8, 2014

Server Malware don't need Coffee has read more

Gameover ZeuS botnet taken down by coordinated effort

June 3, 2014

FBI has announced that it managed in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and private companies from several countries has mana... read more

New botnet has already infected more than million machines

May 27, 2014

Russian security company Dr.Web has informe... read more

War of the botnets

March 31, 2014

Researchers from RSA have found out that a large botnet based on Cutwail malware was used for DDoS attack on command and control server of another botnet based on well... read more

Windigo – a large scale Linux botnet uncovered by Eset

March 19, 2014

Eset in cooperation with other partners had undertaken a lot of analytic work to uncover a large-scale botnet affecting primarily Lin... read more

Details on Pony botnet

February 25, 2014

TrustWave has reported details on the new version of the Pony botnet stealing credentials. read more

Mobile banking trojan affecting Middle-Eastern users

February 24, 2014

InterlCrawler has discovered a mobile botnet that was capable to intercept more than 27000 SMS messages between April 2013 and February 2014. The botnet consisted of Android de... read more