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IBM Security Services report

June 17, 2014

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IBM has issued its Cyber Security Intelligence Index 2014. It covers the security situation among IBM’s customers in 2013. While the number of security events has risen by 12% to more than 9 million in 2013 in an average IBM customer. However, due to brogress in analytics tools the number of security attacks had declined sharply to only about 17,000 and of those only 109 in average required deeper investigation by IBM security analysts. Finance, manufacturing and ITC industries remain the most affected by cyber attacks and malware the main form of attack followed by scanning and unauthorized access. While the outsiders are still responsible for the majority of attacks, IBM stresses the role of malicious insiders and especially inadvertent actors who are unwillingly helping the attacks. Their number remains quite low (5%) but the harm caused by attacks using inadvertent is rising.

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