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Gameover ZeuS botnet taken down by coordinated effort

June 3, 2014

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FBI has announced that it managed in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and private companies from several countries has managed to severely disrupt the operation of botnet called Gameover ZeuS. The Gameover ZeuS has been developed on the basis of the infamous ZeuS malware whose source code leaked back in 2011. As the original ZeuS the Gameover ZeuS is also aimed at stealing confidential data related to bank accounts. It has however several notable differences. While ZeuS is offered on black market as a software to cybercriminals who use it to create their own botnets, the Gameover was operated by a single cybercrime gang which managed to infect millions of computers. Besides stealing banking data the criminals also used Gameover to spread crypto ransomware CryptoLocker. Gameover was spreaded primarily by spam messages through the Cutwail botnet. Another feature which made gameover particularly dangerous was its use of P2P communication which made impossible to take it down through its command and control servers as did Microsoft in 2012 with several other botnets based on ZeuS. The FBI believes that the latest action will severely disrupt the operation of the Gameover botnet and end the operation of CryptoLocker whose command and control servers have been seized. FBI also issued warrants for alleged Gameover operator Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev from Russian Federation.

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