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New information from Snowden leaks

May 16, 2014

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald has published his book No Place to Hide concerning the Snowden Affaire including more than hundred pages of NSA’s documents. The book has confirmed the previous revelations and brought some new ones. Firstly, the fact that NSA is planting surveillance devices to network hardware used for export to certain customers has been confirmed by some pictures depicting NSA agents planting “beacons“ to Cisco products. The documents also show that Skype has become a major source of surveillance data clearly available to the NSA. The documents also bring clearer view on the cooperation between NSA and private companies. Interestingly, in program PRISM NSA has no direct relationship to the internet companies providing access to their data, the official links go through the FBI. That means that the internet companies could deny any direct cooperation with the NSA after the PRISM revelation and the NSA still has unlimited access to them. On the another hand NSA claims to have direct partnership with 80 other major companies including operators of fiber cables allowing it to gather vast amounts of data in program called Upstream.

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