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Personal and financial data of 20 million Korean citizens leaked by an insider

January 22, 2014

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An employee of Korea Credit Bureau has been arrested for stealing personal and financial data of about 20 million Korean citizens. Korea Credit Bureau is a credit scoring company that was contracted by 3 major Korean credit card issuers KB Financial Group, NongHyup Card and Lotte Card. An unnamed employee of the KCB was able to access and sell personal data of 20 million of their customers and details of more than 100 million credit cards. The stolen data include names, addresses, phone numbers, ID numbers, e-mails and in case of two companies also credit card numbers and expiration dates. The data were reportedly sold to two marketing companies whose managers were also arrested. The affected companies have promised to refund all the losses their customers may suffer in result of the breach and their top managers immediately resigned.

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