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RAND corporation report on cyber black market

April 3, 2014

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RAND corporation has published a comprehensive report on the cyber crime. RAND notes the rise of complexity of the cybercrime from individual hackers to complex financially driven “industry“. This shift makes cybercrime more efficient and flexible but also brings new options for the law enforcement to tackle this tipe of criminal behavior by exploiting vulnerabilities in the cyber crime “supply chain“. Although the law enforcement agencies have achieved some notable success in the recent time, the cybercrime market proved to be able to respond flexibly to replace the seized assets such as exploit kits (Blackhole) and marketplaces (Silk Road). RAND also notes that cybercrime reacts to the law enforcement efforts with increase of defense including wetting procedures, extended use of proper encryption VPNs and darknets such as TOR network.

Regarding the leading trends, the RAND mentions the new areas available for cybercrime to operate such as mobile devices and internet of things including PoS malware. The 2013 also gave rise to new methods of attack utilizing legitimate websites such as watering hole attacks and use of malicious ads (malvertising).

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