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NSA espionage against Germany

March 31, 2014

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Der Spiegel has published another article based on Edward Snowden’s documents. They describe a campaign by the GCHQ and NSA to infiltrate into servers of German companies offering satellite communication. It seems that the GCHQ and NSA gained access to servers of companies Stellar, Cetel and IABG and exfiltrated documents related to satellite communications, namely lists of customers. The article does not clearly state whether the NSA was able to intercept communications of the above-mentioned companies but targeting their engineers certainly suggests that was the ultimate goal.

Der Spiegel also published document related to database of 122 high ranking targets including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Spiegel also published a slide from presentation mentioning that the NSA has obtained a court’s permission for surveillance on Germany. That means that the NSA needed only one court order to eavesdrop on an entire country without need to further specify it’s targets.

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