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NSA infiltrated Huawei network, stole source codes of products

March 24, 2014

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Spiegel OnLine and New York Times have published articles about NSA’s program Shotgiant aimed at Chinese telecom provider Huawei. NSA was able to infiltrated Huawei’s internal network to intercept communication of it’s employees, including top management. The primary aim of this program was to prove connection between Huawei and Chinese governmental and military institutions which use Huawei as a backdoor to western networks. NSA was also reportedly able to stole source codes of Huawei products allowing for hacking into telecommunication networks equipped with them. The program started in 2009 more than two years prior to the public accusations that Huawei is working for the cyber espionage goals of the Chinese government in the report of U.S. Congress in July 2012. As a result Huawei was blocked from acquisitions at the U.S. market and banned from providing services to U.S. governmental agencies. USA have also warned allies not to use Huawei equipment.

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