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A tool to circumvent censorship infiltrated by Chinese government

December 11, 2013

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The Chinese authorities managed to infiltrate and block Lantern, a network aimed at circumventing censorship.

Lantern is financed by U.S. Department of State and was launched in 2011. It allows users in countries with free internet to share their bandwidth with those from countries with censored access. Data are trasfered via encyphered peer-to-peer protocol. Lantern is accessible only on invitation to avoid infiltration by state authorities.

Number of Chinese Lantern users has risen rapidly in recent time. Number of Chinese connecting via Lantern has risen from about 200 to 10,000 just in November. The Chinese thus were 75% of users and transferred almost 95% of data.

Chinese authorities managed to infiltrate Lantern network and blocked the proxies they were using to connect to free internet. As a result a majority of Chinese Lantern users do not have access to the network. The operator of the Lantern network is trying to apply stricter invitation-only regime to avoid further infiltrations.

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