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Medvedev’s Twitter account hacked

August 15, 2014

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The Russian language account of Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev (@MedvedevRussia) has been apparently hacked. The account posted messages condemning tha actions of the Russian government and annexation of Crimea in particular. In the end, it announced Medvedev’s resignation and said that the President Valdimir Putin is not right. The other (English language) Twitter account of Dmitri Medvedev remained untouched by the hack.

Although no one has claimed directly responsibility for the hack, the main suspect is Russian hacktivist group calling themselves Anonymous International and also known as Shaltay Boltay. The group has already released documents of the Russian government documenting its information warfare against the West and Ukraine. Recently, Shaltay Boltay claimed hack of Medvedev’s iPhones and posted pictures of the session of the Russian governmnet taken approximately from the desk in front of Prime Minister’s seat.

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