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Hacking scandal in the baseball league

June 17, 2015

Some officials of the currently best team of the U.S. baseball league St. Louis Cardinals are beingread more

DDoS attacks in Q1 2015

June 4, 2015

Verisign published its report on DDoS attacks on its customers in Q1 2015. Average volume of a DDoS attack has risen again to 7.... read more

U.S. Freedom Act approved and signed

June 3, 2015

President Obama has signed the U.S. Freedom Act following ... read more

Zero-day vulnerability of Apple computers

June 2, 2015

Pedro Vilaça has found out that the BIOS/EFI of Mac computers may be easily overwritten read more

Chinese authorities conducting MitM attacks on Google

September 8, 2014

Although search engine is blocked in tha majority of Chinese internet, it is still accessible at the CERNET academic network for research purposes. The users of CERTNET until recentl... read more

New OS X cyber espionage malware ported from Windows

September 8, 2014

FireEye describes a new spyware backdoor running on... read more

FBI discovered Silk Road servers due to CAPTCHA

September 8, 2014

FBI has revealed the method of discovery of Silk Road servers to the court dealing with the ... read more

Malware as a Chrome extension

September 5, 2014

 Trend Micro describes malware downloader that insta... read more

New Windows Phone functionality may be harmful

September 5, 2014

 Microsoft has added a new feature to its Windows Phone OS. Wi-Fi Sense ... read more

The largest credit card data leak yet?

September 4, 2014

Two new credit card leaks were uncovered in past few days. The non-profit Goodwill Industries a... read more