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Zero-day vulnerability of Apple computers

June 2, 2015

Pedro Vilaça has found out that the BIOS/EFI of Mac computers may be easily overwritten read more

New Windows Phone functionality may be harmful

September 5, 2014

 Microsoft has added a new feature to its Windows Phone OS. Wi-Fi Sense ... read more

Vulnerability in iCloud behind celebrity nude photos leak?

September 2, 2014

Andrey Belenko and Alexey Troshichev have presented their concept program for breaking iCloud p... read more

Another case of critically vulnerable home routers

August 27, 2014

Trend Micro has read more

Programs compiled in Delphi and C++ Builder are vulnerable

August 21, 2014

Programs compiled in Delphi and C++ Builder from Embarcadero Technologies are vulnerable to... read more

SSL vulnerabilities in Android applications

August 21, 2014

Fire Eye had read more

Patch Tuesday – security patches from Microsoft and Adobe

August 13, 2014

As usual, Microsoft and Adobe have used the second Tuesday in a month to release security updates of their products. Microsoft... read more

Oracle data redaction vulnerability

August 12, 2014

Oracle data redaction is a simple way how to alterate the data resulting from a database query to redact any sensitive details... read more

Critical vulnerability in WordPress and Drupal

August 8, 2014

Security expert Nir Goldshlager has discovered a critical vulner... read more

OpenSSL update

August 7, 2014

An update of the open source library OpenSSL has been released. The update fixes nine vulnerabilities that may leak information, c... read more